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Aerial- of Lucht Photogrammetry

3D Aerial Image stills

Screenshots and animation are taken from the 3Dpdf file that can be downloaded using
the link at the bottom of this page.
Use the link "Download the latest acrobat reader from Adobe" to download the latest
Acrobat Reader for viewing the 3D Aerial Photogrammetry file.

3D Animatie van uit photogrammetry verkregen modellen.

Dotka Photogrammetry

Low view on rendered 3d model,
with filled line style and aerial-photo textures draped on top

Dotka Photogrammetry02

Isometric view with the 3d buildings on top of the aerial photo.
The models can be switched on or off by demand

Dotka Photogrammetry03

Isometric view without the aerial photo underlay, and the photogrammetrical
extracted roadmap switched on.

Dotka Photogrammetry05

Close view with all the textures very well visible.


All the details are measured with an accuracy around the 6 cm in Z-axis.
The total original project size would be around 1 gigabyte.
For internet use, the quality of the textures in the 3Dpdf file
that can be downloaded from the bottom of this page,
have been compressed to a 5 MegaByte workable file size.

Top View, with the photogrammetrical extracted features on top.
All features can be given an unique name and can be viewed on its own



Download the latest acrobat reader from Adobe

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